Blue Sky Infrastructure’s River Parish Sequestration Project Has Secured Rights to Injection CO2 Underlying Approximately 30,000 Acres Across Ascension, Assumption, and Iberville Parishes

December 31, 2022 – River Parish Sequestration (RPS) has secured underground CO2 injection and storage rights underlying approximately 30,000 surface acres in the Louisiana Parishes of Iberville, Ascension, and Assumption from multiple private landowners. The RPS storage site has been designed with the capability to inject up to 14 million metric tons of CO2 annually through seven injection wells. Aggregate CO2 storage capacity across all seven injection wells is approximately 400 million metric tons.

The injection and storage rights provide RPS with access to world-class underground CO2 sequestration reservoirs, with over 2,000 vertical feet of net injection intervals. The injection zones are saline-saturated, highly porous and permeable sandstone packages 5,000 to 11,000 feet beneath the surface.  Multiple redundant sealing layers hundreds of feet thick comprised of impermeable shales, mudstones, and marls above and below the injection reservoirs ensure injected CO2 is permanently confined in the storage zones.

RPS’s sequestration fairways were strategically selected to provide for the lowest cost CO2 transportation and sequestration solution in the region and the least complex permitting and execution pathway.  The selection criteria included proximity to industrial CO2 sources, avoiding population centers, minimal subsurface complexity (e.g., faulting and lithological heterogeneity), avoiding existing artificial penetrations (e.g. existing oil and gas wells), minimal sensitive environmental resource impacts (including protected wetlands), and easy surface and utility access.  In addition, RPS designed the pipeline route with no or minimal impacts to communities and sensitive environmental resources and planned for feasible crossings of jurisdictional infrastructure and congested utility corridors.

RPS has commenced the permitting process for multiple EPA Class VI CO2 injection wells and key pipeline system permits. The RPS project is expected to be ready to begin transportation and sequestration service in 2026.